Over the past 6 years, ADARRC has featured the expertise of exceptional Professors, Physicians and Researchers in Rheumatology and related fields from around the globe. We would like to thank the incredible faculty listed below for joining us and we look forward to adding new names to this list with every coming year. 
Have a listen to what a few of our 2015 and 2016 Speakers had to say and we hope that you will join us in October for the latest updates in Rheumatology.


Eileen Baildam, MD, UK
Gerd-Rudiger Burmester, MD, PhD, Germany
Maurizio Cutulo, MD, Italy
John Esdaile, MD, PhD, Canada
Ayman Fahim, MD, UAE
Joseph Flood, MD, US
Robert Fox, MD, US
Daniel Furst, MD, PhD, US
Ardeschir Ghofrani, MD, Germany
Adrian Highland, MD, UK
Jorge Kalil, MD, Brazil
Edward Keystone, MD, PhD, Canada
Tore Kvien, MD, PhD, Norway
Lyn March, MD, Australia
Marcus Maurer, MD, PhD, Germany
Heather McDonald-Blumer, MD, Canada
Pier Luigi Meroni, MD, Italy
Eric Morand, MD, Australia
Esperanza Naredo, MD, Spain
Martin Neovius, MD, PhD, Sweden
Ingrid Moller Parera, MD, Spain
Jagan Mohan Jinna Reddy, MD, UAED
Vanessa Smith, MD, PhD, Belgium
Carter Thorne, MD, Canada
Deborah Weber, Canada


Khalid Abdullah Al-Ismail, MD, KSA
Daniel Aletaha, MD, PhD, Austria
Peter Vince Balint, MD, Hungary
Thomas Bardin, MD, PhD, France
Jeffery Chapman, MD, UAE
Hatem El-Azizi, MD, Egypt
Fereydoun Davatchi, MD, Iran
Richard Furie, MD, PhD, US
Marc C. Hochberg, MD, PhD, US
Gary Hoffman, MD, US
Liz Lightstone, MD, UK
Walter P. Maksymowych, MD, PhD, Canada
Monika Ostensen, MD, PhD, Norway
Andrew Ostor, MD, UK
Abrar A. Qureshi, MD, PhD, United States
David Salonen, MD, PhD, Canada
Ego Seeman, MD, PhD, Australia
Timothy Spector, MD, PhD, UK
Virginia Steen, MD, PhD, United States


Claire Bombardier, MD, PhD, Canada
Ian Bruce, MD, PhD, US
Hermine Brunner, MD, PhD, US
Bhaskar Dasgupta, MD, PhD, UK
Rinie Geenen, MD, PhD, Netherlands
Bevra Hahn, MD, PhD, US
Philip Helliwell, MD, UK
Munther Khamashta, MD, PhD, UK
Robert Lahita, MD, PhD, US
Nicola Maffulli, MD, PhD, UK
Serge Perrot, MD, PhD, France
Angelo Ravelli, MD, Italy
David Reid, MD, PhD, UK
David G. I. Scott, MD, UK


Ferry Breedveld, MD, PhD, Netherlands
Gerd Ruediger Burmester, MD, PhD, Germany
Fereydoun Davatchi, MD, Iran
Maxime Dougados, MD, PhD, France
Paul Emery, MD, PhD, UK
Paul Fortin, MD, Canada
Wolfgang Gross, MD, Germany
Joachim Kalden, MD, PhD, Germany
John A. Kanis, MD, PhD, UK
Alberto Martini, MD, PhD, Italy
Seza Oezen, MD, PhD, Turkey
Alexandra Papaioannou, MD, Canada
Janet Pope, MD, PhD, Canada
Laurence Rubin, MD, PhD, Canada
Josef Smolen, MD, PhD, Austria
Alan Tyndall, MD, PhD, Switzerland