Best Image Competition

ADARRC Radiology & Rheumatology Academy Best Image Competition showcases and acknowledges the most accomplished image in radiology & rheumatology in the region. We encourage you to submit unique and exciting medical images that capture radiology & rheumatology at its best in just one single frame.

This competition is open to all registered attendees of 2nd ARRA 2017 and will give you the opportunity to obtain high recognition and exposure not only at the Course, but throughout the ARRA network and further afield.

Winning Submission

The winning image will be announced at 2nd ARRA 2017. Honorable mentions will also be acknowledged. The best overall submission will win the prize of a complimentary registration to the 4th ADARRC Radiology & Rheumatology Academy Course in December 2017. In addition, the best overall submission will be featured on the ARRA website.


What are the rules of the competition?

  • Previously published images and/or case studies should not be submitted.
  • Submissions will be reviewed and selected by the ADARRC Audiovisual Aids Subcommittee.
  • Judging will be based on the quality, content and resolution of the images.
  • Please note that all submissions are anonymized prior to judging.
  • Submissions which the Sub-committee does not select as the winner but deems noteworthy will also be displayed at the venue during 2nd ARRA 2017.
  • Submissions must not contain images that are copyrighted by anyone other than the submitter.
  • Any image that reveals the identity of a patient must be submitted with a signed patient release from that patient.
  • The patient release form is HIPAA compliant. A signed patient release form may be required even if the image is unidentifiable.
  • Maximum number of submissions per person: 3 images (you must complete a separate submission for each entry)

What is the submission process?

To enter the competition, please complete the following steps by the deadline of 8 September, 2017:

  1. Download and complete the Image Copyright Assignment Agreement and, if needed, complete the Patient Authorization and Release Form.

NOTE: Any image that reveals the identity of a patient must be submitted with a signed patient Release Form from that patient. Please be aware a signed patient release form may be required even if the image is unidentifiable.

  1. Complete the Online Submission Form below and upload your image and your completed Image Copyright Assignment Agreement, and if needed your Patient Authorization and Release Form.

All required forms MUST be completed for each image submitted to the competition. Images submitted that do not meet all the competition rules may be disqualified from the competition. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

What image formats are accepted?

  • Images(s) must be submitted in one of the following file formats: .TIFF; .JPEG; .GIF; .PNG
  • Images(s) should be sized at least 2400 pixels x 1600 pixels.
  • Color image(s) should be 24 bit color depth. These images can be obtained from digital cameras with at least 4 megapixel set at the highest possible resolution setting, high resolution scanners, or from original stock photography or artwork (with proper copyright clearances).

What categories of images do you accept?

Images in the following categories are accepted:

  • Patient image: any image that has interesting clinical findings with small description.
  • Radiological or pathology image: any interesting radiology or pathology finding with small description.

Download the Image Copyright Agreement here.

Download the Patient Image Authorization and Release Form here.

Both forms must be submitted. For more information, see the FAQs.